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Crypto Legal Solutions provides legal services to global businesses in the area of ICO/STO, OTC and crypto exchanges.

Our core competency


The full spectrum of legal services related to ICO/STO and crypto-currency matters end to end.


We provide you a full service to execute OTC transactions in a trusted environment.

Crypto Exchanges

We setup the complete foundation to create a global crypto exchange based in Switzerland.

Our team of lawyers and their broad network of experts has extensive experience in blockchain, ICO/STO, AML, KYC,  international tax and intellectual property laws. Founded in 1984, Wild Dubach AG (the law firm behind Crypto Legal Solutions) is well-established and well-known, offering decades of experience in legal consultancy and litigation in Switzerland. 

Switzerland’s Federal Council has committed on the 14th of December 2018, to fully focus the country to be the number one crypto nation. Check more details here. And download the full report here

Switzerland is an excellent place to start your own business. It offers a stable economic environment and a high quality of life. Your startup could be at the forefront of the next wave of blockchain technology, and you will need funding. And for sure, there will be people who will want you to succeed. In order to reach those people and successfully access the global hub for an ICO/STO launch, a crypto exchange or executed OTC transactions, you will have to navigate through some legal and regulatory minefields. This is where we step in.


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